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Energy Performance Certificates & Surveys from Qualified Assessors
Energy Assessment Energy Performance Assessments & Certificates for Redditch Commercial, Industrial and Retail

As accredited energy assessors we will need to visit the property in Redditch to conduct an energy assessment on the building. During the assessment, information on the property is collected, which includes details of its dimensions, construction and heating/hot water/lighting provision.

This information is then used to calculate and define zones for differing energy uses, the results of which are then fed into the Government approved software programme which produces the EPC and Recommendations Report. We will then record the certificate onto a national register via our accreditation scheme and provide the seller, or prospective landlord with a copy.

Length of Time taken to Obtain your EPC

The time taken to perform the energy assessment will vary according to the size and nature of the property. Because of the wide variation of commercial buildings, any form of 'average time' would not be meaningful. However, as a guide, a survey for smaller premises such as small office/retail units would take less than a day. Larger and more complex office/industrial premises may require a further visit to complete the work.

The release of the EPC to the client will normally follow within 24-48 hours after the survey, dependant on the clients requirements. More complex Level 4 buildings may take longer. Information on heating, lighting and air conditioning systems provided by the client will assist with the overall preparation of the EPC. This information, if available, will be asked for in advance of the survey.

The Cost of Survey and Preparation of the EPC

The cost will be appropriate for the quality of the service provided. It is difficult to provide an accurate quote without having details about the building. Costs will depend upon the floor area, the use, layout, types of lighting, heating, air conditioning systems etc.

We are quite happy to give an indication on price based on information given to us and would confirm the quote prior to formal instruction.  In essence, what Gallowbridge  endeavour to provide is a service whereby a competitive price for survey is given, followed up with a comprehensive survey undertaken by a professional.

The ease of contact from the surveyor is on a one-to -one basis with recommendations tailored to suit the client. Once the report is produced, if requested, we can advise on improvements/amendments to the property dependant on whether the client just wishes to sell/rent  the property, or whether they wish to consider the longer term management of the premises.

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